SEO month on business catalyst!

- Monday, January 20, 2014
For most online business owners, having their site as a top recommendation on search result pages is a healthy indicator that their business is going places. And this should be indeed part of your BC site’s growth strategy: more visitors = notoriety + more sales + a bigger client database.

This month BC will talk about SEO and a series of articles, tutorials, webinars will follow, to analyse this topic in depth.

discontinuing version 2 of the business catalyst admin

- Monday, January 20, 2014

Business Catalyst are moving towards completing the decommissioning of the V2 admin interfaces. With a project that started back in 2011, version 3 of the administration interface is now prepared to take over from the old version.

As part of this transition there are two further steps that will be taking place within the next month:

  • Starting with January 15th all users will be automatically transitioned to Version 3 of the admin interface with an option to switch back to V2 if needed
  • Starting with February 5th the option to switch back to V2 will no longer exist, and V3 will remain the only admin interface available.

If you are still working on the old interface, please let us know and we will do our best to help manage and support this transition to the new interface and workflows.

before & after: bamboo farm identity

Rob Miles - Thursday, February 28, 2013

Identity for Koala Bamboo Shoots – farmer and exporter of Australian bamboo shoots

before & after: photographer website

Rob Miles - Thursday, February 21, 2013
Glenn Duffus Photography

before & after: beauty therapy salon

Rob Miles - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The client originally came to me with a brochure they'd designed themselves using VistaPrint. I took the general look & feel and produced a refreshed logo, new brochure design, business card and gift certificate. Needless to say they were very happy with the result!

top 5 new business catalyst features

Rob Miles - Friday, February 01, 2013

Below are my top 5 new Business Catalyst features for business owners. If you'd like any help implementing any of these features for your website, please contact us.

1. SEO metadata for pages


With the recent January system update, BC have brought the enhanced SEO Metadata tool out of beta. BC will automatically enable the new interface for all sites that don't require migration and newly created sites. If you don't see the new interface, you need to manually run the migration process by visiting: Site Settings > Beta Features > SEO Page Interface, and clicking “Go to the migration page”. Learn more here

2. improved web form and comment security


BC has introduced a new native CAPTCHA engine that will be available in parallel with the current engine. They've made it more difficult to visually read, but also more secure against spam bots that base their actions on image detection. You can switch between the existing and new CAPTCHA engines under: Site Settings > Captcha. Learn more here

3. incontext campaign editing for business owners (beta)


BC has introduced a new editing experience for business owners that’s intuitive and separates content from style inside your email campaigns. When you go to edit the content of this template, you're only manipulating the raw content itself, and hence are unable to break elements or the overall layout. Learn more here

4. embed dynamic modules inside email campaigns


You can now insert dynamic modules such as news items and blog posts inside email marketing campaigns. Using the new specifiable module templates feature, you can easily create and render these modules in a way that’s email newsletter friendly, opposed to simply inserting the web-version of the module. Learn more here

5. new V3 admin interface


If you haven't been using it already, I recommend that you switch to the enhanced V3 admin interface. Click the "V3 Preview" in the top right of the admin area. V3 will become the default interface for all users starting with BC's April/early-May system update.