adobe business catalyst email accounts updates

- Thursday, November 26, 2015

As a provider of a complete business solution, Business Catalyst values your security and always keeps up with current standards.

In order to better protect your email communication, Business Catalyst has made some changes to the way you can access your email inbox in browser or in an email client. As such, they have created a dedicated secure domain for email which they plan to restrict to use only SSL/TLS encryption for both incoming and outgoing communication. The new domain will be used to access your email from browser and email client as well.

While you will be able to continue using the existing email client settings until 31st March 2016, it is recommended that you update your email settings as soon as possible to benefit from the enhanced security features.

To update your email client, you need to use the settings below:

  • Inbound (receive emails)
    • Inbound Server:
    • Inbound Server Type: IMAPS (993) / POP (995)
    • User Name:
    • Connection Security: SSL/TLS
    • Authentication Method: Normal Password
  • Outbound (send emails)
    • Outbound Server:
    • Outbound Server Type: SMTPS (465)
    • User Name:
    • Connection Security: SSL/TLS
    • Authentication Method: Normal Password

For more details on how to update your email client settings, follow the steps described in the Business Catalyst How to configure SSL encryption for your email client article.

You will also be required to use for accessing your mailbox using a web browser. Please note that site administrators will still be able to use the Admin Console and access their mailbox through Single Sign On as before.

The current mailbox settings will continue to work until March 31st, 2016. After this date, you will not be able to send or receive messages using your email client, unless you change your connection settings. Furthermore, will be automatically redirected to the from then on.

We also strongly advise you to change your email password, by logging into webmail (using and browsing to Settings -> Password. There you will be able to set a new password for accessing your mailbox.

Email updates FAQ:

  1. Has anything changed in the way I access email from within BC admin interface
    No. While the email inbox will be accessible through, for accessing email from the BC admin interface customers don't need to change anything as BC handles everything behind the scene.

  2. Going forward, how do I access email inbox from the browser?
    Customers will be able to securely access email in browser by loading instead of, which will still be accessible until 31st March 2016. Following 31st March 2016, will be redirected to

  3. How do I access my email from an email client (ex: from a mobile device)?
    To continue accessing your inbox in an email client, you will need to update your email settings as instructed above before 31st March 2016. After this date, you will not be able to send or receive messages using your email client, unless you change your connection settings.

responsive web design simplified

- Monday, August 11, 2014

Responsive web design means the page layout resizes automatically for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. All websites we develop now include responsive design so I thought I'd share this infographic to help explain what it is and why we use it.


5 steps to business success

Rob Miles - Thursday, July 03, 2014


Miles Design in partnership with Unity Management is proud to present our new Strategic Marketing and Business Improvement Packages. Transform your business results with our Proven 5 Step Process.

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5 reasons why a brand style guide is important for business BIG or SMALL

Rob Miles - Monday, May 05, 2014


Whether you are a large organisation or a small business, a brand style guide is an important document that outlines the design specifications for your brand to help maintain a consistent look and feel when creating new marketing materials.

A typical brand style guide contains logo configurations and usage guidelines, colour palette, font weights and styles, secondary graphics and marketing samples. A more advanced style guide includes photography style, key messages, personality, tone of voice, artwork templates, social media guidelines and more.

Brand style guides are used by anyone responsible for maintaining your visual brand such as your employees, marketing and advertising consultants, graphic designers, web developers, printers, photographers, journalists and media agencies. It is not meant to restrict or limit creativity but be more of a starting point to help generate a consistent and unified brand message.

Below are 5 reasons why having a brand style guide is important for your business:

1. Consistency

From your office stationery and brochures, to your website, email marketing and social media, a consistent visual style creates an immediate and lasting impression and is recognisable in any medium.

2. Perception

Everything a business does creates a perception of that business. A brand style guide is critical to ensure you are doing everything possible for those perceptions to be developed the way you intended.

3. Professionalism

First impressions are important. A comprehensive and professional-looking style guide reminds your audience that behind the brand is a business that invites trust and confidence.

4. Save time and money

A brand style guide will become a ready-made ‘bible’ for new employees and suppliers, saving you time in training and education. It will also help to reduce mistakes made by suppliers when using your logo, which will save you time and money from artwork alterations or reprinting.

5. Integrity

A brand style guide assures the investment you’ve made in the integrity of your brand is maintained and not weakened through improper usage.

So if you don’t have a brand style guide for your business, now is the time to start protecting your brand. Your sales and marketing team will certainly thank you for making their job easier!

business catalyst february updates

- Friday, February 21, 2014

On Monday, February 24th, a new release of Business Catalyst is scheduled to take place. The release continues the improvements on search engine optimization, anti-spam measures and admin interface performance. Additionally, a lot more smaller tweaks and bug corrections have been included in the release.

Check out what you can expect

email marketing month on business catalyst!

- Friday, February 21, 2014

When you are the owner of an online business, one of your key strategies should be keeping your clients informed: whether you're launching a new product they might like, an interesting sales campaign or simply telling them what you've been up to. This is where email marketing steps in and helps you deliver that message easy, efficient and fast.

In February BC will talk about email marketing and a series of articles, tutorials and webinars will follow, to analyse this topic in depth.

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