5 key benefits of migrating to a web-based CMS

Rob Miles - Sunday, June 06, 2010

1. Synchronisation

With an online CMS such as Business Catalyst, the website files exist only online therefore you don't need to worry about who's got the latest version of the website locally on their computer. Without a CMS, if we were to make any changes to your website, we would need to download the latest version of the website from the web, make any changes and then upload those changes. After we do this, if you don't download the latest version from the web to replace your local copies, then any changes you make and upload will be using outdated pages (and vice versa).

2. Convenience

Updates can be made from any computer at any time, you just need a web browser. The Business Catalyst basic plan comes with 1 admin user login, however multiple logins can be purchased if simultaneous logins are preferred.

3. Advanced built-in analytics

As well as a weekly summary email, advanced analytics similar to Google Analytics are built-in to Business Catalyst. It also includes detailed reporting of every type of content including most popular pages, news announcements, downloadable items, etc. No separate login is required for a 3rd party website and you receive a weekly summary email.

4. Ease of updates

The Microsoft Word style WYSIWYG editor in Business Catalyst is really easy to use. And there's an Archive & Rollback feature for every webpage and template just in case. Adding pictures is easy and you can even resize images to the right size using the built-in image manager.

5. Trackable downloads

The literature module in Business Catalyst allows you to upload PDF, MS Word, Audio and other files and make those files available for users to download. Download rates of each literature item is recorded and can be reported on.

I hope you found this article useful. To find out more about Business Catalyst, please visit this page or contact us for an obligation-free quote.