some more little BC enhancements…

Rob Miles - Saturday, June 19, 2010

As part of the R150 Release on May 11 which included new DNS tools, improved site search and partner consolidated billing, Business Catalyst engineers have worked on some minor improvements to BC including:

  1. Enable/Disable Menu Items - there is now a checkbox at the bottom of each dynamic menu item that lets you choose whether a menu item is displayed live on your site. Toggling these on or off means that you don't have to delete a menu item to remove it from the live view anymore.
  2. Recurring Billing now pays Affiliate Commissions - when affiliates refer customers who purchase products that have generated a recurring order the affiliate will now be paid commission each time instead of just paying on the initial order.
  3. Allowing Recurring Billing for "Process Offline" Gateway - a much requested feature, you are now able to use 'Process Offline' as a payment gateway type for recurring billing. However, please keep your encrypted customers billing details handy as these are only sent once on the initial recurring order.
  4. New Tags introduced for ECommerce (Shopping Cart) - for countries such as Australia where store owners are entering prices inclusive of sales tax we now have {tag_producttaxpercentage,percentage} and {tag_totaltaxpercentage,percentage} to use on the shopping cart and invoice layouts which will calculate and display tax based on the retail or sale price entered for the product

Thanks for reading, we hope you find these enhancements useful!

5 key benefits of migrating to a web-based CMS

Rob Miles - Sunday, June 06, 2010

1. Synchronisation

With an online CMS such as Business Catalyst, the website files exist only online therefore you don't need to worry about who's got the latest version of the website locally on their computer. Without a CMS, if we were to make any changes to your website, we would need to download the latest version of the website from the web, make any changes and then upload those changes. After we do this, if you don't download the latest version from the web to replace your local copies, then any changes you make and upload will be using outdated pages (and vice versa).

2. Convenience

Updates can be made from any computer at any time, you just need a web browser. The Business Catalyst basic plan comes with 1 admin user login, however multiple logins can be purchased if simultaneous logins are preferred.

3. Advanced built-in analytics

As well as a weekly summary email, advanced analytics similar to Google Analytics are built-in to Business Catalyst. It also includes detailed reporting of every type of content including most popular pages, news announcements, downloadable items, etc. No separate login is required for a 3rd party website and you receive a weekly summary email.

4. Ease of updates

The Microsoft Word style WYSIWYG editor in Business Catalyst is really easy to use. And there's an Archive & Rollback feature for every webpage and template just in case. Adding pictures is easy and you can even resize images to the right size using the built-in image manager.

5. Trackable downloads

The literature module in Business Catalyst allows you to upload PDF, MS Word, Audio and other files and make those files available for users to download. Download rates of each literature item is recorded and can be reported on.

I hope you found this article useful. To find out more about Business Catalyst, please visit this page or contact us for an obligation-free quote.

business catalyst tutorials released

Rob Miles - Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've just uploaded a number of business catalyst step-by-step tutorials covering some of the most common tasks I get asked about. These have been developed by miles design for our clients. They are to be used as a general guide only and are not official tutorials from Business Catalyst. I hope you find them useful and welcome any feedback. For further information, see our Business Catalyst downloads & support page.

4 new websites launched

Rob Miles - Friday, April 09, 2010

Miles Design is proud to announce the recent launch of 4 new websites, all of which have been developed with Business Catalyst CMS. More information on each will be available in our projects section shortly.

1. Carpark King website

Carpark King homepage

Client: Carpark-King Pty Ltd
Tasks: Template customisation, website development, Business Catalyst CMS

2. Marymead website

Marymead homepage

Client: Sam Behr Design, Canberra
Tasks: Website development, Business Catalyst CMS

3. JV Holt website

JV Holt homepage

Client: J.V. Holt & Company
Tasks: Website design, website development, Business Catalyst CMS

4. Gymea Bay Public School website

Client: Gymea Bay Public School
Tasks: Template customisation, website development, Business Catalyst CMS

BC support central gets new knowledgebase

Rob Miles - Thursday, April 08, 2010
Business Catalyst knowledgebase

If you login to your BC sites and click on Support Central in the top right corner, you'll notice that it's been redesigned. That's because BC have moved all the content from the Online Business Wiki into a Knowledgebase that now forms the centre of Support Central. For all things BC this is the place to go for answers. The new Knowledgebase brings a bunch of benefits including:

  • Improved Navigation - with articles sorted by topic or by where they belong on the user interface it's much easier to browse what you're looking for
  • Improved Search - don't want to browse? The new search in the Knowledgebase completely knocks the socks off the Online Business Wiki search with a much more complete set of results for any term

As with Sitewalk, the Online Business Wiki will stick around for another 12 weeks while the Knowledgebase is in Beta as BC iron out any small kinks. Additionally the BC Support team will be busy adding new articles to the Knowledgebase and editing current ones to make them easier to understand.

new BC feature: InContext Editing has arrived!

Rob Miles - Thursday, April 08, 2010

Business Catalyst's newest feature - InContext Editing - is now available in the Administration area and ready for use. It's a next generation tool that gives business owners greater control over their websites. You can now make changes more easily without compromising the overall design of your website. Some of the main benefits include:

  • The ability to set editable regions within any web page to limit scope of change and preserve design quality
  • Content editing is more intuitive - you edit "InContext" on the page rather than having an editor pop-up as was the case with Sitewalk
  • The new InContext content editor is much more robust compared with the Sitewalk text editor

Please note that InContext Editing will be in Beta for the next 12 weeks during which Sitewalk will continue to remain available. When the Beta period ends, Sitewalk will reach end-of-life and will be removed from the Administration area. During the Beta period for InContext Editing BC will continue to make small improvements.

To learn more and get started, click on Website > InContext Editing link.

Business Catalyst InContext Editing