It's time to move your website over to HTTPS

Rob Miles - Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Starting October 2017, Google Chrome (version 62) will show a 'NOT SECURE' warning when users enter text in a form unless the pages are served over HTTPS.

The new warning is part of a long term plan by Google to mark all pages served over HTTP as 'not secure'.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure – this is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol used when data is transferred between your browser and the server that hosts the website you are visiting. In the case of HTTPS, all the communication between your browser and the website you are visiting is encrypted.

This means that all data exchanged, like personal data you are filling into a webform, the information you are getting when opening up your Member only webpage, and so on is encrypted at one end (the browser or the server), sent across the Internet and decrypted at the other end, thus making it unusable for a potential attacker that might intercept it.

Why move to HTTPS?

  • Avoid the 'not secure' message and help protect users' data.
  • Various search engines have recently started favouring HTTPS enabled websites when displaying websearch results.
  • HTTPS enabled websites are regarded as more trustworthy for visitors.

Why now?

Adobe only recently announced that you can install SSL certificates for private domains managed by Business Catalyst. In order to enable the secure connection, an SSL certificate is used.

Is my website HTTPS-ready?

If your email or DNS records are hosted by Business Catalyst, then yes. If your email or DNS records are hosted externally then it's slightly more complex as we'll will first need to switch to the internal DNS system. We can handle this for you so please ask if you're not sure.

How do I get started?

If you care about your Business Catalyst site and your site visitors, it's time to move forward or get left behind. Please email with any questions or to get started.

Offer is available for Business Catalyst websites hosted by Miles Design only.

BC yearly plans to continue past July 15th

Rob Miles - Thursday, July 07, 2016

Back in March BC announced their intention to transition all bi-yearly and yearly plans to monthly, in an effort to streamline their price list and offer more flexibility to users.

In the following months their team has been working on enacting this transition as smoothly and pain free for customers as possible. As such, they have discontinued the sale of bi-yearly plans and then started to transition them to monthly, as well as planned for the similar yearly transitioning. The transition of bi-yearly plans to monthly is ongoing at this time, and will continue as planned.

What they have discovered during these months of testing, is that the transition would not be as smooth as they would like it, and could not be performed without actions on the customer side. As they do not want to cause a new disruption to partners and end customers, they are indefinitely postponing the project in order to research a solution that would have minimum impact on partners.

When ready, they will provide a minimum of 2 months notice for partners, to allow the change to proceed smoothly and the completion of ongoing projects. For the bi-yearly plans already in transition they will provide full support to partners and customers to make sure the changes are as smooth as possible.

We would like to thank you for your understanding with the current changes. We know this is not a project that appeals to many, but BC hopes that they can come up with a solution that would incur minimum disruptions.

Sleep better at night knowing your BC website is backed up!

- Saturday, April 23, 2016

"I accidentally deleted a bunch of files."

Have you ever uttered those dreaded words? If not, are you worried that it could happen one day?

BackupBC is a Business Catalyst app that is so easy to use that you can start your first backup in seconds.

For a very low one-off cost of $180+gst, you can use BackupBC forever!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to get BackupBC installed on your Business Catalyst website and sleep better at night!

Cool & Customisable

You can choose what you want to backup, and even select only your most recent files, which saves storage space if you have a large website. It’s also super easy to set your storage preferences.

Cloud, Local & Remote

You can save backups on your website, on your local drive, or on Dropbox and Google Drive for fast and easy retrieval.

What gets backed up?

BC’s Open Platform allows access to major parts of your websites – but not to everything. BackupBC is currently able to provide backups of:

  • Files and Folders
  • Web Apps
  • eCommerce Catalogs and Products
  • Blogs
  • CRM Customers and Cases*

Note: Only the standard CRM fields are backed up. Extended CRM data is not backed up at this time. Exercise discretion when restoring CRM data if you have extended your CRM, as importing the unextended CRM fields will result in losing your extended CRM. Also note, cases and orders are only exported in json format, which at this point are not importable from the admin console. Contact about custom import support for cases and orders.

As more APIs become available, we will be able to backup more aspects of the platform.

I thought Business Catalyst would back up my website?

Yes they do but it's only to provide disaster recovery from any malicious activity to your website and hosting. It's not for when you accidentely delete something.

The Business Catalyst admin console has an Archive and Rollback feature for web pages but it doesn't include backups for important content such as web app items, ecommerce products, blog posts, files & folders, customer records, and more.

Browser Support

Chrome: Admin/Frontend, Firefox: Admin/Frontend, Safari: Admin/Frontend, IE: Admin/Frontend

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to get BackupBC installed on your Business Catalyst website and sleep better at night!

* $180+gst price includes purchase of the app, installation and first backup, and will be invoiced by Miles Design. Offer is available for Business Catalyst websites hosted by Miles Design only.

business catalyst yearly plans to be discontinued

- Friday, April 22, 2016

In an effort to streamline their offering and allow more flexibility for their customer base, Adobe has announced that the yearly offering of Business Catalyst will be discontinued as of May 15th, 2016. With this move, the yearly pricing schedule will no longer be available for new sites, or as an upgrade from an existing monthly plan.

What does this change for existing plans?

Existing yearly and biyearly plans will carry on until the renewal date. Upon renewal, they will be switched to a monthly plan, while still carrying their discount (10% on yearly, 15% discount for existing bi-yearly plans). For example, if a customer is on a yearly plan with renewal due in October 2016, there will be no change until October 2016, and from October 2016 onward it will be billed monthly with the monthly price discounted with 10% (i.e., discounted with the yearly plan discount). In this way, our current customers get the price discount of the yearly plan while benefiting from the flexibility a monthly plan.

If you have any questions about this change please let us know.

adobe business catalyst email accounts updates

- Thursday, November 26, 2015

As a provider of a complete business solution, Business Catalyst values your security and always keeps up with current standards.

In order to better protect your email communication, Business Catalyst has made some changes to the way you can access your email inbox in browser or in an email client. As such, they have created a dedicated secure domain for email which they plan to restrict to use only SSL/TLS encryption for both incoming and outgoing communication. The new domain will be used to access your email from browser and email client as well.

While you will be able to continue using the existing email client settings until 31st March 2016, it is recommended that you update your email settings as soon as possible to benefit from the enhanced security features.

To update your email client, you need to use the settings below:

  • Inbound (receive emails)
    • Inbound Server:
    • Inbound Server Type: IMAPS (993) / POP (995)
    • User Name:
    • Connection Security: SSL/TLS
    • Authentication Method: Normal Password
  • Outbound (send emails)
    • Outbound Server:
    • Outbound Server Type: SMTPS (465)
    • User Name:
    • Connection Security: SSL/TLS
    • Authentication Method: Normal Password

For more details on how to update your email client settings, follow the steps described in the Business Catalyst How to configure SSL encryption for your email client article.

You will also be required to use for accessing your mailbox using a web browser. Please note that site administrators will still be able to use the Admin Console and access their mailbox through Single Sign On as before.

The current mailbox settings will continue to work until March 31st, 2016. After this date, you will not be able to send or receive messages using your email client, unless you change your connection settings. Furthermore, will be automatically redirected to the from then on.

We also strongly advise you to change your email password, by logging into webmail (using and browsing to Settings -> Password. There you will be able to set a new password for accessing your mailbox.

Email updates FAQ:

  1. Has anything changed in the way I access email from within BC admin interface
    No. While the email inbox will be accessible through, for accessing email from the BC admin interface customers don't need to change anything as BC handles everything behind the scene.

  2. Going forward, how do I access email inbox from the browser?
    Customers will be able to securely access email in browser by loading instead of, which will still be accessible until 31st March 2016. Following 31st March 2016, will be redirected to

  3. How do I access my email from an email client (ex: from a mobile device)?
    To continue accessing your inbox in an email client, you will need to update your email settings as instructed above before 31st March 2016. After this date, you will not be able to send or receive messages using your email client, unless you change your connection settings.

business catalyst february updates

- Friday, February 21, 2014

On Monday, February 24th, a new release of Business Catalyst is scheduled to take place. The release continues the improvements on search engine optimization, anti-spam measures and admin interface performance. Additionally, a lot more smaller tweaks and bug corrections have been included in the release.

Check out what you can expect