business catalyst january system update

Rob Miles - Thursday, January 31, 2013

Below are my highlights for business owners:

A new, persistent navigation ribbon


BC has updated the Admin V3 navigation ribbon for ease-of-use and to make it easier for new users to understand. The new ribbon can persist even when you’re visiting the front-end of your website, and contain the following modes:

  • Preview (a new mode, for previewing the front-end of your site)
  • Manage (formerly “Site Manager”)
  • Content (formerly “Site Editor”)
  • Develop (formerly “File Manager”)

As part of this update, BC is also bringing the new “File Manager” out of alpha and renaming it “Develop” mode. In addition to editing your HTML/CSS/JS files via this mode, you can now also set Page Properties for your site.

A range of Web App enhancements

Based on a lot of valuable feedback from the Partner community, BC has added several enhancements to the Web Apps feature. As of this system update, you’ll be able to:

  • Render a custom page when accessing the root URL of a Web App. For example, if you have a “blog” Web App, the items can be made accessible at /blog/my-blog-post, and you’ll have the ability to customize the /blog page
  • Render Web App items inside a sub-folder, such as /folder/subfolder/webapp-name. For example, you could have /blog/authors/bogdan (where Bogdan is the Web App item name)
  • Instruct BC to not display or index the Web App items of a specific Web App. Today, all Web App item’s URLs can be indexed by search engines. For example, /states/california should throw a 4040 page

Stay tuned for more exciting Web App updates in the near future.

Email marketing list filtering

BC is bringing this great feature out of beta, while introducing a range of new list filters. For full details on this feature, see the previous release notes

Inventory control for products

After extensive testing and integrating the great feedback from the Partner community, BC is finally bringing Product Inventory Control out of beta.

For full details on this feature, please refer to this forum article

SEO Metadata for pages


With this latest system update, BC is also bringing the enhanced SEO Metadata tool out of beta. BC will automatically enable the new interface for all sites that don't require migration and newly created sites. If you don't see the new interface, you need to manually run the migration process by visiting Site Settings > Beta Features > SEO Page Interface, and clicking “Go to the migration page”. Read more about this feature here.

Admin V3 default for all users in April/May

BC is giving you 3 months to migrate over to using the new V3 Admin interface, before making it the default interface for all users starting with the April/early-May system update.

Streamlined email marketing editing experience

In line with BC's on-going beta development of the email marketing editing experience, with this system update you’ll notice that they've introduced a new editor and also moved the “Subject” field to the “Content” step of the wizard, for easier reference and editing.

They've also integrated the fantastic Redactor editor in place of the existing WYSIWYG editor, for editing Email Campaign content. If you've enabled the "Visual, in-context editing" beta feature via Site Settings > Beta Features, you'll be able to see the new editor in action. BC is planning to roll this change out across all sections of Business Catalyst in future updates.

SPAM and Security improvements

With this update, BC is updating the SPAM management feature to not send comment workflow emails when a comment is marked as SPAM – keeping your inbox clean.

They're also turning on the Secure Redirect feature for all websites, to ensure a secure experience for your website and it's visitors. If you would like to redirect visitors to external websites from your site, you should add them under Site Settings > Secure Domain Redirection.

For more information on any of these features, please refer to the Business Catalyst Blog or contact us