business catalyst december system update

Rob Miles - Monday, January 14, 2013

Below are my highlights for business owners: 

Improved Web Form and Comment security

BC has introduced four important changes/updates that will help protect your site from human or automatic spam bot attacks on web forms and comments.

1. BC has introduced a new native CAPTCHA engine that will be available in parallel with the current engine. They've made it more difficult to visually read, but also more secure against spam bots that base their actions on image detection. You can switch between the existing and new CAPTCHA engines under Site Settings > Captcha. Learn more here.


2. BC has also integrated reCaptcha, Google's popular image verification engine. reCaptcha is available for web forms, however will not be available for blog comments or for the tell-a-friend module. You can insert reCaptcha from the “Misc” tab of the web form builder.


For details on setting up reCaptcha for web forms, please refer to this article.

3. BC has improved it's integration with Akismet, and starting with this release BC should detect spam submissions faster and with more ease, once the engine has begun learning.

4. All new web forms will have the BC 'honeypot' spam protection module enabled by default. The "Web Form Security" module, which currently is available in the eCommerce tab of the web form builder, will be renamed to "Anti-bot Spam Protection" module, and will be applied by default to all new web forms.

New in-context campaign editing experience for business owners (beta)

BC has introduced a new editing experience that’s intuitive and separates content from style inside your email campaigns. Using InContext Editing mark-up, we are now able to define editable regions inside the HTML code of your email newsletter templates. Editable regions can be applied on both static (text, links, images or html) or dynamic (modules) content. When you go to edit the content of this template, you're only manipulating the raw content itself, and hence are unable to break elements or the overall layout. 


Enabling this feature under Site Settings > Beta Features > Email Marketing will split the campaign editing experience for Partners into two tabs – "Developer Editor" and "Client Editor" – with the latter being the in-context editing experience you will see.

For details and to provide your feedback on this feature, refer to this forum document.

Improved analytics engine (beta)

BC has introduced a new and improved analytics engine, that will bring faster and more accurate reporting to your site. In addition to performance improvements, this feature also includes:

  • A new report that displays visits from mobile devices
  • Browser and OS Version reports now show the latest versions of the visitor’s operating system or browser, based on the request header data received

For more information on any of these features, please refer to the Business Catalyst Blog or contact us