BC yearly plans to continue past July 15th

Rob Miles - Thursday, July 07, 2016

Back in March BC announced their intention to transition all bi-yearly and yearly plans to monthly, in an effort to streamline their price list and offer more flexibility to users.

In the following months their team has been working on enacting this transition as smoothly and pain free for customers as possible. As such, they have discontinued the sale of bi-yearly plans and then started to transition them to monthly, as well as planned for the similar yearly transitioning. The transition of bi-yearly plans to monthly is ongoing at this time, and will continue as planned.

What they have discovered during these months of testing, is that the transition would not be as smooth as they would like it, and could not be performed without actions on the customer side. As they do not want to cause a new disruption to partners and end customers, they are indefinitely postponing the project in order to research a solution that would have minimum impact on partners.

When ready, they will provide a minimum of 2 months notice for partners, to allow the change to proceed smoothly and the completion of ongoing projects. For the bi-yearly plans already in transition they will provide full support to partners and customers to make sure the changes are as smooth as possible.

We would like to thank you for your understanding with the current changes. We know this is not a project that appeals to many, but BC hopes that they can come up with a solution that would incur minimum disruptions.