a sneak peak at BC v3

Rob Miles - Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today Business Catalyst released a sneak peak of the preliminary UI design for the new dashboard - click below to enlarge. BC V3 is going to have more of a 'desktop' feel where each module or feature is contained within an App that is launched from the BC Dashboard. For example, to manage your blogs, you will open the Blog App, for your photos you will have a Galleries App, ecommerce gets a Store App, the CRM gets a Customers App and well, you get the idea. The aim of this approach is to provide for all of your end-to-end workflows within individual apps rather than trying to make you skip around the system. We would only turn on the Apps that you need to run your Online Business to keep the system easy for you and the side dashboard navigation menu uncluttered.

Furthermore BC will be building the whole UI in HTML not Flex (turning BC into an Air App) as some have feared so it will work in all your favourite browsers. One of BC's primary UI requirements is to be accessible from iOS devices as well so you will be able to use BC from an iPad! As the BC team builds more and more of the App we'll be able to sneak more previews and details over the coming months.